Have a Question?

Here are some of our most asked questions. If you don’t see your question in this list, please feel free to call Captain Jeff: 843-422-3430.

Can we bring the family? How many people can come?2019-01-24T17:17:11+00:00

Sure! Our larger boats are perfect for bringing the whole family. So bring the kids, moms and the grandparents too. The maximum number of passengers is 6. The US Coast Guard limits private offshore charters to 6 people maximum. There are no minimum or maximum age limits.

Does your boat have a bathroom? How about shade?2019-01-29T14:52:35+00:00

Yes, all of our boats are shaded and they all have clean bathrooms.

How far in advance should we book?2019-01-24T17:06:16+00:00

It is recommended that trips be booked at least 2 weeks in advance, but 24 hours is our shortest. Some guests book many months in advance.

What should we bring/wear?2019-01-24T17:06:40+00:00

The GULLAH GAL, TRUE GRITS and HONEY B are very dry boats. Most likely you will not get splashed with water although sometimes your feet may get wet. Flip flops are welcome. Sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended. Bring food and drink if you’d like. We will have a cooler and ice on the boat. Mornings can be cool so bring a light jacket. Dress appropriately for potentially changing weather conditions…and most importantly – bring your camera!

Where can we clean/eat any fish we catch?2019-01-29T14:53:23+00:00

Your Captain or Mate will clean any fish you catch during your trip. We will give it to you in a zippy bag. It is not common for restaurants on Hilton Head to cook your catch. Customers are welcome to contact any restaurant they wish but we have no prearranged restaurant partnerships.

Are your fishing trips private?2019-01-17T19:28:03+00:00

Yes…every trip is private so it’s only your group on the boat.

What type of fish could we catch? Can we fish for sharks?2019-01-17T19:26:57+00:00

The waters around Hilton Head Island are home to many different species of fish and sharks. To see a sample list, please stop by our What Will We Catch page.

What happens if the seas are rough?2019-01-17T19:24:44+00:00

Hilton Head’s waters are usually very calm and boaters rarely get even a splash. If seas are rough (over 4 feet) we’ll either stay close to shore or reschedule your trip for another day.

How long of a trip should we choose?2019-01-24T17:11:45+00:00

When charter fishing on Hilton Head the most common trips are 4 to 6 hours. For the average family looking to have fun, a 4 or 5 hour trip is plenty. However, depending on the type of fish you may want to catch, a longer trip may be necessary. Please call Captain Jeff (843-422-3430) to discuss what fish you might catch.

Where are you located?2019-01-24T17:18:02+00:00

We are located at Shelter Cove Marina, 1 Shelter Cove Marina, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. Please click here to view a map.