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What Will We Catch In Hilton Head?

One Of The Best Locations To Deep Sea Fish

The best thing about fishing on Hilton Head is the variety of fish we can catch at different distances from shore. Those same locations also change over with seasons so what you catch in the summer is not what we catch in the fall or spring. On the larger offshore boats, we’ll typically fish within 15 miles of shore depending on the length of your trip and fish we are targeting at that time of the year. On the smaller boat with Capt. Tyler the Galewarning specializes in inshore and nearshore fishing. We have a boat for everyone’s needs so check them all out. During every fishing trip on all the boats we see lots of dolphins playing, osprey and bald eagles flying and sea turtles swimming. As for fish and sharks, here’s a breakdown on what we often find:

Spring Fish

a turtle swimming under water next to a body of water

Sea Bass

Big Red Fish

Black Drum



Sharks (5-100 lbs)

Cobia* (May-June)

(*6-8 hours needed)

Summer Fish

a person holding a fish

Big Sharks (10-250 lbs)

King Mackerel


Spanish Mackerel

Big Sting Rays

Big Jack Cravelle

Tiger Sharks* (300-1000 lbs)

(*6-8 hours needed)

Fall Fish

a person holding a fish in the water

Monster Red Fish

Sea Trout (Weakies)

Spanish Mackerel

Big Sharks (10-250 lbs)

Sea Bass

Blue Fish

Grouper* (Amberjack)

(*10 hours needed)